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Monday, February 27, 2006

Prostitutes on 60 Minutes

On Monday night I watched 60 minutes to see what they had to report on the 'respectable city with the dark underbelly'. As they showed the tragic nature of Christchurch's Manchester St, the dirty pimps who are effectivley slave owners and the mindless girls who see no other option for themselves, I couldn't help but think that there were some poeple missing in this discussion. One was the Police, another was Gary Moore the Mayor, and finally the architect and cheif prosititute, pimp and client representative, Tim Barnett MP.
These missing people are as bad as the clients. They are in positions to help these 'tragic souls' and seamingly refuse to do anything. The police were asked to front for the story and wouldn't. At least Gail Sheriff had the nuts to be on the programme. When I heard Gary Moore the next day complaining that Christhurch was being picked on because 'other cities have this problem too', I couldn't help feeling disgusted that his main concern was his own reputation. He should have gone on the radio and agreed it was appalling and pushed for help at police and Government level. Tim Barnett.... well why would you waste your time. Manchester St is in his electorate and it is clear that if it isn't election year we will not hear from him. He clearly likes prostitution and the freedom the hookers clearly enjoy to .......choose!!!
No, Christchurch is not the only city with this problem but it is getting worse and those that can effect change seemingly, will not even try. Shame on the Police, shame on the Mayor. If Tim Barnett had balls he would have bourght in legislation to make being a client illegal and the problem to a degree would have disapeared. Dry up the demand and the supply will follow. Making it legal has let these sorry street walkers down and increased the livlihood of drug dealers, thugs and slave traders we know as pimps