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Monday, March 27, 2006

Flight from city hall


This is a must read - The CCC in all its disfunction - the story we had all heard wispers of, has been verified and published by The Press.
The council is being stripped of years of institutional knowledge, wisdom and experience because the new city manager, or Town Clerk as she should be known, has deemed herself to be the saviour of the city by getting rid of all things and people that came before her.
A few years ago I went to the coucil building in Tuam street adn laughed to myself as I walked around and saw badley photocopies bits of paper on the wall that had printed on them 'giving value, being valued'. If they were up now, they would read 'giving value, getting screwed"!
I fear for Christchurch in a few years time when the vehicle of change (McTurk - by name by nature) moves on to another job, Gary or Bob or whoever is unfortunate to be Mayor, wakes up and finds that the city is crumbling because no-one who works for the council knows how anything works anymore.
Now as it stands, there are parts of the inner city where there is a lack of knowledge as to where pipes and drains are. People who used to work at the council and now are consultants or are retired, are called up to fill in the gaps of knowledge.
The head of the parks unit apparently doesn't know anything about parks. That is Health Ministry thinking. Don't trust anyone in a department who actually knows anything about it. They will just be feathering their nest.
When 'The Turk' arrived she had a pile of chicken in front of her. She had a choice as to what she made of it; chicken salad or chicken shit. Sadly she doesn' like healthy food.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's been a few days since I last looked at this site and regrettably no-one is taking up the cudgels in the fight to retain some enthusiasm for reinvigorating the central city. That will be why last Friday 3 moving trucks were reported in the City Mall at 9a.m. moving tenants out of premises. No-one was moving in. Why would they - one ex tenant was facing a rent rise of 82%! In return for??? Apparently only continued occupation of the space which has holes in the floor.
Having also attended a central city business forum meeting early in April it is clear that there is no vision for Christchurch's inner city anywhere. Vote for the Apathy Party - if you can be bothered. Another brutal rape late last week and a bashing outside The Boardroom in broad daylight at 2.30pm on Easter Monday do nothing to foster the safe environment we all crave. Anyway soon we will need to be fluent in an Asian language to converse with inner city shop staff coherently...
As the winter draws in, those huge, brightly lit warm malls we all pass by on our way to anywhere look ever more welcoming. Oh and you won't get a parking ticket there at 6pm. on weekdays or 9a.m. on a Sunday morning either.

8:30 AM  

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