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Friday, March 03, 2006

Dear Mr Corbett - City Councillor

So...... some innner city retailers are a pack of wingers. This is what you said last night at Council. What a wonderful display of leadership Bazza. Is that is the best you can come up with? I have spoken to inner city retailers and this is their story.
They risk everything to set up or buy these businesses; their house, the neighbourhood they live in and their childrens' friends if they have to sell and move if things go bad, their reputation, their retirement, their happiness, the list goes on. The put themselves out there like you I suspect never have. They set up in the inner city, the 'focus' of the coucil and they do the best they can. They then have no guarentee that anyone will come in to buy the things they have already paid for themselves. And what does the council do over a period of time? The reduce the amount of parking, the charge more and more for the parking, they allow the parking unit to walk the streets from 7.30 in the morning to 6.30 at night EVERY day. They allow malls in the suburbs to mindlessly expand, the put the terminal for the busses in an inappropriate space and now it is the crime center of Christchurch. The ruin city mall by allowing rubbish trucks to drive though at luchtime to empty bins. What exactly have you done Mr Corbett? Have you risked everything for something before, with no guarentee of return? You should be thanking inner city retailers for staying in the inner city and be asking them what needs to be done. Say that loudly at council. When you go into their shops and businesses, they serve you and you probably complain bitterly to anyone who will listen if it wasn't up to scratch. On Council Mr Corbett, you serve, and it show no leadership in any definition I know to be as petty as you have been. The inner city retailers owe you nothing. You on the other hand owe them an appology.


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